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Head to Tail is deeply committed to the safety and comfort of your pet and that the majority of the dogs we groom are loyal customers of many years. 

At this time, we are able to accept new canine customers.  We will update this website when availability opens for new dogs.

  • Due to volume, please plan a few weeks ahead of time for your appointment.

  • Our average completion time is 2-4 hours. We may be able to groom your dog in less time if medically necessary upon prior notice. If you are on a limited schedule, please let us know when booking your appointment so that a reasonable pick-up time can be arranged.

  • Dog de-matting up to 10 minutes. If you are not able to run a comb through your dog's coat, there is a high possibility that your dog will need a very short haircut. 

  • For the safety of all customers, we crate all dogs upon arrival and do not allow any contact between dogs from different families.

  • If your dog barks when crated, we ask that you make arrangements to pick up your dog as soon as possible upon completion so as to keep noise levels down for the welfare of our staff and the other canine customers.

  • We will prioritize comfort and safety over looks, especially when grooming elderly dogs and puppies.

  • If you are more than 20 minutes late and have not notified us by text, we will try to fill your appointment and you may have to reschedule.

  • While we strive for consistency in grooming styles, there may be slight variations in styling from one time to another due to coat conditions and dog behavior.

  • We do not groom dogs that bite. We will be happy to advise you on other grooming options.

  • Payment is expected in full upon pick-up. We accept Visa/Mastercard credit and debit, cash and checks.

  • Inquiries and booking are best done by email to

  • If you think your dog may be matted, please watch this video. Most puppies are very wiggly (unlike the dog in this video,) making this kind of grooming very hazardous. Please do not let your dog get matted! 


New Clients
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